3x Entrepreneur and early-stage investor with 12+ years of leadership. 1M units shipped, $22M in retail sell-out on products created.


No man is an island

For the last 8 years of my career, I've worked with the worlds leading tech companies and venture-backed startups. Prior, I held software engineering roles for large-scale e-commerce ventures.

In my spare time, I'm flying paramotor, camping in the desert, kiteboarding, building high altitude drones, brewing Panama geisha or enjoying life as a father.


I perform best in qual/quant marketing leadership roles. Global experience in build teams, creating brands and go-to-market strategy with cashflow positive profit and loss management of seven-figure budgets.


My portfolio consists of 70+ startups. I am actively seeking early-stage opportunities in martech, medtech, energy, blockchain and precision weather.

Google, Partners
Marketing Program Manager


X-treme Video
Director of Global Marketing

Chief Marketing Officer

Product & Marketing Manager

CAMRIG (Acquired)

Kitesurf Beaches (Acquired)

Software Engineer

iMart (Acquired)
Software Engineer

What they think

Ryan is well known for his integrity, trustworthiness, business principles and work ethic. Few people have the opportunity to report to a leader who is also a strong coach and mentor.
— Aline Campo, X-treme Video
Ryan is an outstanding leader who cultivates a professional, functional, efficient work environment while managing multiple tasks, personality types, and constantly moving parts.
— Natalie Sadorf, Heatworks
Ryan is an incredible individual. I’ve had the pleasure of working with him on marketing strategy and have really enjoyed our interactions. He is incredibly organized, professional and always prepared.
— Mark Knapp, Google


Marketing · Design · Products · Software

 Founder, HomeSpirometry

Founder, HomeSpirometry

 Created Google Partners Podcast

Created Google Partners Podcast

 Created WeatherFlow Wind Meter

Created WeatherFlow Wind Meter

 Globally Launched Z-Cam E1

Globally Launched Z-Cam E1

 Globally Launched Heatworks Model 1

Globally Launched Heatworks Model 1


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